Book Breakthrough Workshop in NYC

Elizabeth Marshall, host of Author Teleseminars, asked me to let my readers know about her upcoming workshop for aspiring authors.

Elizabeth MarshallBook Breakthrough NYC │ Ideas + Relationships + Strategy
Date: Thursday, Jul 29 to Saturday, Jul 31
Location: Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel (New York City)

At the event, we’ll have a select group of top NYC publishing experts along with NY Times bestselling author, Michael Port, so it’s a great opportunity for aspiring authors and messengers who are committed to getting their book and message out to the world.

If you follow that link, you get one of those long-copy sales letters I so dislike, but if you read all the way to the bottom, you’ll find the important part:

Our Book Breakthrough NYC event is ideal for:

  • Coaches, consultants and service professionals who feel “called” to deliver a message to a much wider audience
  • Entrepreneurs and business experts who want become a recognized expert in their field or industry
  • Leaders and executives who know that a book is an essential next step for their career
  • Speakers, teachers and helping professionals who want to expand their influence and impact thousands of lives
  • Both aspiring and already published authors who want a fresh perspective on how to expand their reach, publish a new idea and build their “platform” (don’t worry, we’ll explain if this concept is new to you)

In addition, this workshop is INVALUBLE if you:

  • Have a self-published book or partially written manuscript and need help on how to build an audience and following to attract a literary agent, publisher or plan to successfully publish your book on your own
  • Want feedback and help on how to come up with your BIG IDEA

BUT, so that we’re clear on what to expect, the Book Breakthrough NYC is NOT for:

Fiction authors who just want to learn about crafting and pitching (however, this event IS great for helping you learn how to build your “tribe” and an audience for your work)

Authors who are looking for a specific “book launch plan” or a formula for how to reach bestseller status (but we WILL discuss the essential marketing elements that lead up a successful launch and help sustain book sales)

Any aspiring author or messenger who’s not open or willing to receive feedback and direction about your idea and your publishing plans.

I have no affiliation with the event, so if you hand over your $697 ($1297 after today, July 16th), I don’t get a cut of it. And no, I don’t know what Elizabeth means by “messengers,” except that it’s not people on bicycles delivering packages.