Writing and Publishing for Consultants Recording

The Writing and Publishing for Consultants panel at the July meeting of the Bay Area Consultants Network was a great success. You can download the handout with links to publishing resources from the BACN website.

Here is the list of questions addressed by panelists Patricia Coate, Dr. Bette Daoust, and Karen Pierce Gonzalez (with a few interjections from moderator Sallie Goetsch (Yours Truly), and some help from the audience):

  • Why publish at all? What’s in it for consultants?
  • What’s the most important thing consultants need to know about publishing?
  • What are the different options for publishing a book and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • Traditional (large) publisher
  • Self-Publishing
  • Print on Demand (POD)
    • How much should I plan on spending on…
      • Writing & Editing
      • Design/Layout/Printing
      • Marketing
    • What kind of help can I get with writing and publishing a book?
      • Help with writing
      • Editing, proofreading, formatting
      • Marketing and selling
    • How do you get your articles published in print magazines and trade journals?
    • What’s the best way to write and publish articles online for lead generation?
    • How do you create and use white papers?
    • How much can you re-use your material?
    • How do you track article placement?
    • Where do I find interesting, relevant topics to write about? Does my material have to be original?

We recorded the entire panel, and you can click to play below or download the MP3 file to put on your portable media player. The recording is just over an hour long—not nearly time enough!

Talk Your Way to a Book Audio

Sallie Goetsch presenting at Business Speakers by the BayThanks to everyone who showed up at my “Talk Your Way to a Book: Why Speakers Make Great Authors” presentation for Business Speakers by the Bay last Friday. Contributions from the audience made it a much better experience for everyone.

For those who couldn’t make it, I’ve now uploaded an MP3 recording.

There’s a lot of background noise, and because I was the one wearing the mic, it’s not always easy to hear what other people are saying. Anyone who thinks s/he can clean up the sound and make a better quality recording is welcome to give it a go.

You may also want to download the handout and the flyer to refer to.

Eventually I’ll transcribe this recording and turn it into an article. Meanwhile, download the MP3 (12 MB; about 45 minutes) and listen to it on your computer or your portable media player. Then come back and post a comment or two! And feel free to attend the next BSBB meeting on December 2nd.