For a flat fee of $350, I’ll analyze your draft or outline for strengths and weaknesses and give you my recommendations for how you should proceed from here. Give me what you have and tell me your goals for the book, and I’ll go over it in detail, highlight what I think are the strongest and most interesting points, make suggestions for improving the weaknesses, and give you an honest assessment of whether it’s likely to be worth the cost of hiring a ghostwriter.

Going through this process gives you a chance to get to know a bit more about me and the way I work, and whether we’d be a good match for each other. It also lets me understand the scope of the project thoroughly enough to provide an accurate quote for further services if you want them.

In analyzing your draft or notes, I don’t worry very much about how well you write; the writing is my job anyway. Instead, I’m looking for things like how well you know both your subject and your audience; what kind of authority you have to speak on your topic; whether the market is already saturated with books on this subject; what the reader is going to get out of your book; and how well you understand the work an author has to do after the book has been written.

Depending on what I find, I might suggest starting with a book proposal to send to agents or publishers (the better to attract funds to cover writing the rest of the book); writing an e-book or workbook if there isn’t sufficient material for a full-length book; cutting a particularly dense book into more than one volume; refocusing  the book for a more general or more specialized audience; or even going straight ahead exactly the way you’d planned.

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