If what you need is guidance on how to do it yourself, rather than someone to do it for you.


For small or large groups. See the Presentations page for some examples.

Manuscript Analysis

For a flat fee, I’ll analyze your draft or outline for strengths and weaknesses and give you my recommendations for how you should proceed from here.


This is the alchemy that transmutes your expertise into a book.

Developmental Editing

When your existing manuscript needs an overhaul.


Clean, crisp, compelling—words that sell, online or off.

Content Creation

Feed the hungry search engines by publishing online: web pages, articles, blog posts, social networking profiles.


Despite all the new communication tools, they’re still one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers.

White Papers

If you’re a technology marketer, you already know how important these are to your sales process.

Press Releases

When you need to announce something to the world (and the search engines), a press release is still a handy tool. My job is to help find and showcase the most newsworthy elements of your story.

What I Don’t Do

After listing all of those services, it’s important to say a few words about what I don’t do. There are some kinds of writing work I don’t do because they require specialized skills I don’t have. The main ones are technical writing, grant/proposal writing, and résumé writing. If you need a résumé writer, I recommend Catherine Sutton or Susan Ireland.

Then there’s the writing I don’t do for ethical reasons. I won’t write your student essays for you. It would do you more harm than good. You can read my complete reasoning about it here.

Finally, although I do ghost-blogging under some circumstances, I won’t write a personal blog on someone else’s behalf, much less take on ghost-Twittering. In order to ghostwrite a personal blog effectively, I would have to spend so much time getting to know you that you might as well have spent that time writing the posts yourself. If you need help with editing blog posts, that’s fine—but you should disclose the fact that you get editorial assistance.

Twitter is the online equivalent of attending a cocktail party. A large corporation might delegate someone to represent them there; for an individual to do so would be silly. There are some forms of communication whose value to others is their direct contact with you. If they find out they’ve been dealing with someone else instead, they will never trust you again.

Something I Haven’t Mentioned?

Feel free to ask. I’ve done some quirky writing jobs before, but if it’s outside my area of expertise, I’ll tell you honestly.

What to Do Now