Working with Sallie changed writing from a painful process into something I enjoy.

Jim Conlon, director of the Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality, author of At the Edge of Our Longings (Novalis, 2004)

I wrote a good book, but Sallie made it a better book that got to market sooner.

Eve Abbott, author of How to Do Space Age Work with a Stone Age Brain™ (BookSurge, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009)

I hired Sallie to edit some written material for my consulting practice. She did an OUTSTANDING job. I will use her services again when the opportunity presents itself. She is a wonderful resource and a wonderful person.

Harry Chapman, Bay Area Consulting Group

Sallie turned my scatterbrained blog of 2.5 years into a “mind map” and the first draft of a book—which is actually now published and for sale, will wonders never cease! Without having Sallie do this work, I certainly would never have found a publisher. More to the point: I would still have the ideas in random scraps of blog and paper napkins! If you have a book in you—have Sallie help you massage it out.

Sandy Shepard, author of fEmpowerment: How to Unleash Your Inner Bond Girl (Mollydooker, 2007)

I’ve used Sallie’s substantial Author-izer skills for the past two years to ghostwrite a business facing newsletter for my IT group. She has the rare ability to put a human face on technology, bringing it to life in a way that allows people to easily understand how they can benefit from it. Hire her today as a writer ! You won’t regret it.

Carl Drinkwater, IT Director

Sallie is a very detail oriented thinker who can work with almost anyone to make them successful. I have seen books Sallie has collaborated on and am very impressed with her wise input. I look forward to working with Sallie on my web presence and next book.

Chance Massaro, M.A., Master Presenter of Current Brain Research, Memory Back Guarantee