Have You Published Any Books of Your Own?

Not yet. I did write several of them—mostly fantasy adventure novels—during college and graduate school. I also published articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. I’ve discussed co-authoring a book with one of my colleagues from the Podcast Asylum, but we want to be sure we have something genuinely unique to contribute. Plus, of course, our client work takes priority.

Do You Do Fiction?

Sometimes. (See above.) But not very many people consider a novel a business investment, and not many new authors can expect to earn enough to pay a ghostwriter. See “The Fiction Question” for more details.

Is Ghostwriting Immoral?

Not usually. But there are some circumstances where it’s inappropriate. See “Is Ghostwriting Immoral?” and “The Wrong Kind of Ghostwriting” for more details.

Will You Write My Term Paper?

No. Definitely not. I’ll critique it and give you some pointers, but as a former university lecturer, I firmly believe that “Academia and Ghostwriting Don’t Mix.”

Can You Write My Blog for Me?

Maybe. It depends on the nature of the blog. I don’t do “identity blogs,” but I do write posts for other kinds of blogs. “The Ghost Blogging Controversy” and some related articles help explain more about this subject.

I Can’t Pay Upfront. Will You Take a Share of the Royalties?

Nope. I’m a ghostwriter. Writing is my profession, and I get paid to do it. What you need is a co-author, someone for whom the credibility or other rewards of having a published book are worth the risk that there will never be any royalties.

Can You Help Me Find a Publisher?

I’m not a literary agent, and while I can recommend a few and help you prepare a query and a proposal, I can’t make any guarantees. Book publishing has become increasingly competitive, and landing a publishing deal depends more on your ability to sell than on your ability to write.

More Questions?

Feel free to contact me and ask.