BAEF Panel on Writer/Editor Websites

I’m taking part in a panel on writers and editors with websites for the Bay Area Editors’ Forum tomorrow evening at 6 PM. To quote from the panelist guidelines I received,

The point of this friendly, peer discussion is for you to candidly share whatever you can about your experience related to having your own website, for the benefit of those who are considering launching their own…or those who may be in the middle of it themselves, including:

  • why you decided to establish your own site
  • what preparation was required
  • what initial and ongoing costs to expect
  • how much time/effort it takes to manage your site
  • what you manage yourself and what you hire out
  • what benefits you have realized since you’ve had a site
  • how you may be promoting your site
  • if you have decided to integrate social media
  • what you wish you’d known before you started
  • pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned

If You’re Going

Thursday, April 29, 2010
6:00-8:30 PM

4th Floor
Mechanics Institute
57 Post Street
San Francisco

BART: Montgomery St
Parking: Sutter-Stockton Garage

Free Admission

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