Sign Up Now for Claudia Suzanne’s Spring Ghostwriter Certification Course

Claudia Suzanne is that contradiction in terms, a famous ghostwriter. After ghostwriting more than 100 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, she knows her stuff. If you want to know it, too, you can sign up for one of her semester-long Ghostwriter Certification courses. She teaches them in-person down in San Diego, and over the phone for everyone else. The cost is $930 plus an $89 materials fee; there’s a payment plan option.

Here’s a list of topics covered:

    • How to do an A&R
    • How to find the “gold” in any manuscript
    • How to determine BISAC selection
    • How to advise the three types of authors on publishing options
    • The scope of responsibility for the various ESPs
    • The variances between the author’s writing process and the ghostwriting process
    • How to chart nonfiction
    • How to apply a content template (not MS Word formatting)
    • How to maintain the author’s voice
    • How to do multiple “spins” (while maintaining the author’s voice)
    • The variances between passive, static, and active voice; when and how to convert; and when to not
    • The variances between and basic principles of line and copy editing
    • How to build a nonfiction proposal and query letter and research a submission list
    • The variances between plot and character driven novels
    • PMA+A
    • The elements of fiction writing
    • The parameters of fiction A&Rs
    • How to map a plot w/characters
    • Meet-in-the-Middle
    • How to ghostwrite supplemental scenes while maintaining the author’s voice
    • How to ghostwrite full novels while maintaining the author’s story, characters, vision, premise, theme, intent and “tells”
    • The variances between “show” and “tell”; when and how to convert; and when to not
    • How to create a compelling submission synopsis and query letter and research a submission list
    • How to create a personal resume and credit list while maintaining client confidentiality
    • How to find clients and how to get clients to find you
    • How to set reasonable fees, bid projects, and write equitable contracts
    • How to assess clients and control the initial contact to land the gig
    • How to establish and maintain authority and avoid or handle problems as they arise

I would love to take this course, but haven’t had a chance yet. I do know the classes fill up quickly, so if you’re an aspiring ghostwriter, you should head to Claudia’s website to register. (And don’t mind the painful collision of font colors—she’s a writer, not a web designer.)

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