Are You an Editor Looking for a Deductible Vacation?

Sherri Schultz of Words with Grace just posted the following announcement to the Bay Area Editors’ Forum e-mail discussion list:

Looking for a vacation you can write off (at least part of)? Want to improve your professional skills and revel in the company of more than a hundred fellow word lovers?

Beyond the Red Pencil Logo

Consider attending “Beyond the Red Pencil 2,” the second biannual conference organized by the Northwest Independent Editors Guild. It takes place in Seattle on Saturday, March 28, and is open to members and nonmembers alike. Having attended the first one (which sold out), I can virtually guarantee that you’ll have a good time!

The conference offers a full day of activities, with something for everyone. Enjoy professional development workshops, interact with expert speakers, and meet fellow editors. The keynote speaker is Sheila Bender (publisher of Writing It Real, an online instructional magazine), who will speak on “Using Our Hearts to Head in the ‘Write’ Direction: Editors and Writers Moving Forward.” Morning and afternoon seminars will address such topics as dealing with problem clients, online vs. print editing, tooting your own horn, editing longer manuscripts, and “Taking Control of Microsoft Word,” led by the Bay Area’s own Hilary Powers. Plus there’ll be a catered lunch (included in the conference fee) and an informal lunchtime spelling bee!

You can take advantage of early-bird rates and get the best choice of sessions by registering before March 1.

Download the conference brochure here.

I’m not going to be able to go myself, because I’m planning to drive down to LA the following weekend, and I can’t take that much consecutive time off (or that much consecutive travel). But it sounds fun and informative, and anyone who has the opportunity to hear Hilary talk about how to use Word should definitely take advantage of it!

Seattle is a fun city, too. There’s plenty to occupy your spouse and children for a day while you’re justifying your write-off.

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