2008’s Top Book Marketing Tips from Dana Lynn Smith

Dana Lynn Smith, the Book Marketing Maven, has released a 16-page e-book containing her top tips for 2008. Here are the titles of the articles that make up the e-book:

  1. Develop and Leverage Relationships to Sell Books
  2. The Power of Viral Marketing
  3. Sell Your Book to Libraries
  4. Who Should You Be Marketing Your Book To?
  5. Use a Virtual Book Tour to Promote Your Book
  6. Make the Most of Book Marketing Blogs and Ezines
  7. Use Online Networking to Build Your Author Platform
  8. Using Domain Names in Book Promotion
  9. Keep Broadcast Emails Simple
  10. Promote Your Book with Flickr
  11. Using Video to Promote Your Book
  12. Using Video to Promote Your Book
  13. Promote Your Book With Every Email
  14. Display Materials for Authors

These suggestions could have applied equally well to 2007 and will almost certainly continue to be useful in 2009. Pick up your free copy over on Dana’s blog.

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