What has your book done for your business? RainToday.com wants to know.

RainToday.com is looking for business book authors to participate in a study on “The Effects of Publishing Business Books on Professional Services Practices.”

If you’ve already published a business book, head on over to the RainToday.com survey and share your experience. Participants are automatically entered to win a copy of RainToday.com’s $445 special report How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report On Professional Services Marketing And Selling From The Client Perspective.

If you’re still considering publishing a book, you might want to wait for the final report, which promises to answer questions about how much authors invest in their books, whether the sales of your book affect its usefulness to your practice, large vs. small publishing houses, and how much difference PR and book marketing firms make.

Or you might just want to conduct some research of your own by asking the business book authors you already know.

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